The Needle and The Thread

The torture we inflict on ourselves with our daydreams.

The lives we wish we had.

The feelings we wish we felt.

The human need to feel.

How foolish must we sound to the stones.




Wounds cut so deep, that will make an opening on the other side.

Stitch through the pain. 

Stitch through the dreams.

Stitch.. Stitch.. Stitch..

The needle and the thread.

Of whats to come and whats gone.

Stitch through the heartache.

Stitch through the memories.


Till you can no longer remember their faces.

Their smiles.

Your name.


Till you run out of daydreams.

Of memories.

Of breath.


For the life of you.

For the life of your mother.

Leave the dreams to those who still have hope.

Leave the hope to those who still have faith.

Leave the faith to those who still believe.

Your only truth is behind a needle and a thread.

So, stitch like its your only religion. 

Like its the only thing you ever knew.

Missing Her

I hear her in the music.
I hear her in the books.

For she is my favorite.

I see her in the clouds. 

I see her in the moon.

For she is mine.

I miss her like the mornings miss the stars.

Like the plants miss the rain.

Like the sun misses the moon.

I miss her in all the ways you can imagine.

And all the ways you don’t.

The shape of her.

Her scent.

Her lips.

Her smile.

Her dimples.

Her heart beats in my ear.

The no vacancy sign illuminates brighter than the sun.

For my mind is hers.

My thoughts are hers.

My soul is hers for burning.

My words consist of her anatomy.

The way she carries herself inside and out.

How many beautiful atoms it took to make some one like her.

Oh the questions I’d like to ask God.

And whenever you read this my Goddess, I hope it puts the biggest smile on your face. 

I hope your dimples go as deep as the ocean.

I hope happiness always finds you.

For you are mine.

The War

My feet are telling me to move.
As if they have a brain of their own.

‘You don’t stand a chance’ they say.

But I’m known to be stubborn when it comes to things like this.

I’m known to drop myself right into something my head creates.

Just to count how many pieces my heart is made of when it breaks.

And I still keep losing count every time that happens.

The cons of a goldfish memory.

A rebel for risks.

But something else in me always pays the price.

Maybe I’m selfish that way.

Inflict more pain just to feel alive.

And then die a little every time.

Till theres nothing left.

Till I’m back to walking again.

But instead, I just stand still in front of my future pain.

Waiting for the strike to my face.

The strike that puts me down.

Its as if my body worships the ground.

But I swear it doesn’t.

Maybe its a Stockholm Syndrome thing.

I’ve grown accustomed to how the ground feels.

How its shaped with its bumps, cracks and all.

But my hands.

My hands speak a different language.

They get locked in from the war that goes on in my body.

Every limb in me has a different story.

And my hands don’t know where they belong in any of those stories.

I pity them.

I know how indecisiveness can be a bitch.

Why can’t my body just listen to reason and agree on one thing.

Some are looking for shelter.

Some are looking for a cliff.

Some are looking for the ring to fight.

Some are just lost.

I can safely say that the majority is lost.

More lost than they’ll ever be.

And my feet aren’t strong enough to move on their own.

The Goddess

Let me talk to you about the one that takes over my mind.
The one that I see in the little cracks of that big rock in the sky.

The dark sides of it and the bright.

The muse to my words.

The high to my puffs.

The air to my lungs.

Let me talk to you about how she moves.

The way the wind succumbs to the way she sways.

The way the ghosts grow silent to her beauty.

The punisher of my darkness.

The ring leader of my demons.

The strings to my thoughts.

Let me talk to you about the way she looks at you.

How she makes you feel like your face is nothing but a mere structure of words.

How you somehow knew each other in another dimension.

The revealer of my darkest secrets.

The conductor of my truths.

The knowledge to my unknown.

Let me talk to you about the goddess among us.

Because the things she does

Her beauty

Her mind

Should be written in books for centuries to read.

Should be painted for generations to come.

Should be composed for artists to play.

This Is My Heaven

This is my heaven.
Curled up in bed, with your sunflower dress.

The closer you get, the more I melt.

This is my heaven.

Breathing in each other, with your cherry flavored lips.

With every kiss, more is bliss. 

This is my heaven.

Your legs tangled up in mine, my arms tangled up on you.

Your skin as soothing as the cold breeze on a hot summer day.

This is my heaven.

Heart beats beating together, communicating what the mind can’t speak.

The more I listen the more I understand.

This is my heaven.

Between your thighs.

Between your lips.

This is my heaven.

The small of your back.

The smell of your hair.

This is my heaven.

How you blush.

How you look at me.

This is my heaven.

A heaven made up of you.

And all the things you do.

The Longing

The devil is in the details, and so is love.
The emptiness fills the void, while the head is full of words.

Words I cannot express.

Words I cannot confess.

The weary eyes filled with regret.

Whats lost will always be lost.

With it, the purity of the love she gave.

The nurture, the care that makes a soul revive.

Will I find it again 

Will it be true again

The fear that fills the heart, if the future repeats the past.

The mind playing the usual tricks, to ruin what beholds the eyes. 

I long for the innocence 

I long for the light

I long for the thrill

I long for you in the dark

I long for the suffocation of your kiss

I long for the burning that touched my skin

The collision of the heart and the mind.

The greatest battle in the history of time.

Ghosts that live within these walls

Whisper stories when the night falls 

You have lost your soul

You have lost your mind

You have lost your pureness

You have lost your light

I long for 

I long for



An empty soul with a heavy heart
Walking with the sole purpose to leave this hurt

Screaming lungs but no vocal cords

Begging and praying to the one and only lord

Take away the sharpness

Take away the fire

Take away the glasses

I have no desire

Bring back the interest of a wide eyed child

The days where we ran free and wild

Tell me my mother had a plan

On all those nights she ran 

Tell me those stories were real

And its not just another ordeal

Cough cough

Is that you mom ?

Bang bang

Did he send you home ?

Heaven is where you belong

For all those days you struggled alone 

My wish is for you to find peace 

On this world where love is the least 

Like mother like daughter

You gave birth to a fighter 

Don’t worry about where i’ll be

Its in those skies where i’ll be free