Another Cheesy Love Letter

Your imperfections are my perfections.
Your flaws are the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.

A master piece.

A puzzle that creates the beauty that you do not wish to see.

I wish you could see.

I wish you knew

How happy you make me

And sad.

You haven’t the slightest idea of how beautiful you are.

Your face.

Your heart.

Your body and soul.

I wish I had the strength to prove, how every molecule in you is like it has been hand picked by God himself, to create this complex beauty.




The word that sums you up as a whole.

The word that occupies my mind whenever you’re in it.

I wish this was a different time, in a different state of mind.

Where I still had my mind.

I sewed my armor on my skin. 

And I wish I could rip it off for you.

Because you are, and will always be worth every scar.


The Longing

The devil is in the details, and so is love.
The emptiness fills the void, while the head is full of words.

Words I cannot express.

Words I cannot confess.

The weary eyes filled with regret.

Whats lost will always be lost.

With it, the purity of the love she gave.

The nurture, the care that makes a soul revive.

Will I find it again 

Will it be true again

The fear that fills the heart, if the future repeats the past.

The mind playing the usual tricks, to ruin what beholds the eyes. 

I long for the innocence 

I long for the light

I long for the thrill

I long for you in the dark

I long for the suffocation of your kiss

I long for the burning that touched my skin

The collision of the heart and the mind.

The greatest battle in the history of time.

Ghosts that live within these walls

Whisper stories when the night falls 

You have lost your soul

You have lost your mind

You have lost your pureness

You have lost your light

I long for 

I long for


As The Moon Rises

As the moon rises I grow weary and tired of the distractions I force myself to go through just to distract my mind from thinking about you.

As the moon rises my heart builds up the courage and takes over.

But ..

I’m not allowed to close my eyes before bed, and picture you beside me.

I’m not allowed to picture your face, and that look you get right after we kiss.

I’m not allowed to think about how your lips taste of coffee and cigarettes.

Thats not my right.

I am in mourning, but do not know how to mourn.

And I can’t help but feel the cold breeze go through that empty hole you left in me.

My whole body shuts down when I think about you.

I am an empty soul without you.

I have no purpose in life without you.

So here I am sitting with my frustration floating around me.

How did you not see the fire in my eyes every time I looked at you.

How did you not feel my heart skipping every time I caught a whiff of your scent.

How did you not see the joy on my face every time I heard you talk, or simply saw your face.

Nothing convinced you of my love for you.

Nothing convinced you of the mountains I would move for you.

Nothing convinced you of the blood I would shed for you.

And now, here I am shedding tears of blood for you as my new nightly ritual before I go to sleep.


I still keep my phone on in case you ever called.


I told you, we will grow old and wrinkly together.

Knowing full well that these are the two words you feared the most. 

‘Cause, who wouldn’t want to grow old with some one that makes them feel high with the mere sound of their voice.

Some one who makes them feel in cloud nine with the touch of their hands.

Some one who makes them feel intoxicated with the touch of their lips. 

And to find that all in one person ?

I’d be a fool for not wanting to see that beautiful face form those lovely wrinkles along the years.

Witness those laugh lines being formed from the years of laughter and love we will have.

To trace them all as if it was the first day I met you and you were still 26.

You calm me.

You calm this crowded head of mine.

You calm this heavy heart of mine.

My serotonin.

How can I finally make you see ?


I must admit, I turn into a selfish human being when it comes to you.
I want you all to myself.
I don’t even want you to have yourself.
I want it all.
Every bit and piece of you.

I’d break you apart just so I could understand how you work.
What is it that makes you stay up all night with nothing but your thoughts floating around you, waiting to be thought of.
What is it that breaks you so badly, that you have to stay on the floor for 20 hours just to collect your pieces.
What is it that makes you tick.

Yes, I am a selfish human being when it comes to you.

I’m an addict that won’t share their high with anyone else.
I’m an insomniac that doesn’t want to miss watching your chest rise and fall every night as you sleep.
I’m an attention deficit.. Your eyes have the most amazing shades of brown that I have ever witnessed.
I’m an obsessive compulsive, that won’t rest till I get it right
Get it right
Get it right
Get it right
And I will get you right.

And just as I’m done studying you, i’d glue you back together.
Remembering the placement of every piece just so I could be the only one
-no one other than me, not even you-
who knows how to put you back together when you fall apart on those gloomy days, where you succumb to your demons.
Cause after all, i’m selfish when it comes to you.


I write you in every poem, every song, and every dream i have.
I write you in the empty spaces in my life.

I draw your fingers between the spaces of mine.
And i wrap mine around yours.
Grasping it to feel the life seeping back through these hollow bones of mine.
I draw the curves of your body around the curves of mine.
And i hold you tight to feel you in my blood stream, returning warmth inside this cold corpse of mine.

I picture your eyes in front of mine.
And i stare into those brown eyes to feel the colors seep back into these sunken eyes of mine.
I picture your lips, an inch from mine.
And i breathe you in to feel the soul return under this beat up skin of mine.


I have dreamt about this moment too many times.
And let me tell you, your lips taste better in real life.
Sending shivers down my spine, making every nerve intertwine.
Your skin feels warm and smooth against mine, as i hold you closer with each smile.

Your hair smells pure and heavenly, as i breathe every inch of you and cache it mentally.
You might not have done this intentionally, but you make my heart beat irregularly.

You fit my brain like a glove and i flutter your heart like a dove.
Tracing every inch of you my hands throve, and taking in those mental images of you my mind strove.

As i grew tired of this chase, i thought to myself i could never grow tired of this face.
You somehow make time slow its pace, and before i know it its time for us to leave this place.

You show me the parts of you you kept hidden, and i play them over and over in my head, but from people’s eyes its forbidden.
You show me how your heart was overridden, by those you wanted to stay true but didn’t.

No matter how many times my heart will split, i will continue searching for those true eyes and never quit.
Turning my pupils into fire like a hundred candles lit, as i pledge to you for a hundred years i shall commit.