Being a dreamer in a dreamless world.

Trying to make sense of the senseless and the absurd.

It is not one, it is not two, it is not three, but it is four that meet the unknown.

This knocks you out.

This wakes you up.

This quiets the demons.

This keeps you sane.

But, where is the one that makes you happy ?

Can you stuff happy in a pill ?

Can you take pieces of them inside of you ?

Devour them till your veins turn blue ?

Crucify the demons with your mother’s prayers.

Justify your sins with your father’s blade.

This will forever be the mystery.

Of what became of my history.


The Sun and The Moon

The wind blows, and I am lost in thoughts.

Thoughts of you.

Thoughts of me.

Thoughts of us.

Galaxies wrapping themselves around my wrist.

As she wraps herself around my mind.

She, the moon.

I, the sun.

Meeting only on eclipses.

Filling each other with fire and dust.

I wait, and I wait till she circles back towards me.

Till she fills me up with her beauty.

And takes over my view. 

And I let her.

For being soaked in her, is far better than being choked by them.

And I let her.

For my soul is between her lips.

And I let her.

For my faith is between her thighs.

And I let her.

For she is the commander of my thoughts.

This is the story of the sun and the moon.

The oldest story in the history of time.

The saddest story in the future to come.

I, the sun.

She, the moon.

As I wait with fire.

She floats flawlessly. 

The Goddess

Let me talk to you about the one that takes over my mind.
The one that I see in the little cracks of that big rock in the sky.

The dark sides of it and the bright.

The muse to my words.

The high to my puffs.

The air to my lungs.

Let me talk to you about how she moves.

The way the wind succumbs to the way she sways.

The way the ghosts grow silent to her beauty.

The punisher of my darkness.

The ring leader of my demons.

The strings to my thoughts.

Let me talk to you about the way she looks at you.

How she makes you feel like your face is nothing but a mere structure of words.

How you somehow knew each other in another dimension.

The revealer of my darkest secrets.

The conductor of my truths.

The knowledge to my unknown.

Let me talk to you about the goddess among us.

Because the things she does

Her beauty

Her mind

Should be written in books for centuries to read.

Should be painted for generations to come.

Should be composed for artists to play.


I have dreamt about this moment too many times.
And let me tell you, your lips taste better in real life.
Sending shivers down my spine, making every nerve intertwine.
Your skin feels warm and smooth against mine, as i hold you closer with each smile.

Your hair smells pure and heavenly, as i breathe every inch of you and cache it mentally.
You might not have done this intentionally, but you make my heart beat irregularly.

You fit my brain like a glove and i flutter your heart like a dove.
Tracing every inch of you my hands throve, and taking in those mental images of you my mind strove.

As i grew tired of this chase, i thought to myself i could never grow tired of this face.
You somehow make time slow its pace, and before i know it its time for us to leave this place.

You show me the parts of you you kept hidden, and i play them over and over in my head, but from people’s eyes its forbidden.
You show me how your heart was overridden, by those you wanted to stay true but didn’t.

No matter how many times my heart will split, i will continue searching for those true eyes and never quit.
Turning my pupils into fire like a hundred candles lit, as i pledge to you for a hundred years i shall commit.