Missing Her

I hear her in the music.
I hear her in the books.

For she is my favorite.

I see her in the clouds. 

I see her in the moon.

For she is mine.

I miss her like the mornings miss the stars.

Like the plants miss the rain.

Like the sun misses the moon.

I miss her in all the ways you can imagine.

And all the ways you don’t.

The shape of her.

Her scent.

Her lips.

Her smile.

Her dimples.

Her heart beats in my ear.

The no vacancy sign illuminates brighter than the sun.

For my mind is hers.

My thoughts are hers.

My soul is hers for burning.

My words consist of her anatomy.

The way she carries herself inside and out.

How many beautiful atoms it took to make some one like her.

Oh the questions I’d like to ask God.

And whenever you read this my Goddess, I hope it puts the biggest smile on your face. 

I hope your dimples go as deep as the ocean.

I hope happiness always finds you.

For you are mine.