An empty soul with a heavy heart
Walking with the sole purpose to leave this hurt

Screaming lungs but no vocal cords

Begging and praying to the one and only lord

Take away the sharpness

Take away the fire

Take away the glasses

I have no desire

Bring back the interest of a wide eyed child

The days where we ran free and wild

Tell me my mother had a plan

On all those nights she ran 

Tell me those stories were real

And its not just another ordeal

Cough cough

Is that you mom ?

Bang bang

Did he send you home ?

Heaven is where you belong

For all those days you struggled alone 

My wish is for you to find peace 

On this world where love is the least 

Like mother like daughter

You gave birth to a fighter 

Don’t worry about where i’ll be

Its in those skies where i’ll be free