How is it possible to ask for help when no one is willing to pick up their phone ?

I have come to a conclusion that, when you smash something, it breaks.

It also creates a hole in the object it smashes into.

I am a supermassive black hole walking on this earth.

I shouldn’t have let so many things smash into me.

Im oblivious to the misery I’m creating inside of me. 

The act of kindness has no limits in me.

When must I learn that the world is cruel?

When must I learn that the energy I throw into the universe won’t be repaid?

When must I learn that I am a mere structure of flesh and bones?

When must I learn that I bleed like any living creature?

Its no ones fault but mine. 

My father’s.

My mother’s.

People aren’t built to handle a fragile mess with cutting edges. 

People aren’t built to be dependent on one another.

When must I learn.