My Bittersweet Habit

There are so many bad habits that I need to quit.
But I cant seem to find a reason good enough.

But then you came along.
And I knew, I’d quit them all for you.

‘Cause, I have no desire or interest in stopping myself from blackening my lungs, and killing myself with those cancer sticks.
Except for you.

But what would make me quit you ? The bittersweet habit ?

You see,

I want to taste you.
In the most innocent ways and forms, I want to taste you.

I want to feel your tongue dancing with mine, to the music of your sighs.

I want to feel nostalgic for your taste whenever I’m in between crowds.
While I’m strolling down the street.
While I’m inhaling my cigarette, wishing it was you I’m inhaling instead.

And I want to study your lips.
Using nothing but my lips to trace your corners back and forth.

Forget breathing.
Forget air.
I’ll suffocate on you instead.
And what a beautiful way it is to die with my tongue tangled with yours, my bittersweet habit.