A Different Scenario

As I lay in bed doing the usual twists and turns, creating different scenarios in my head to help me fall asleep,
I thought if it would be possible to not think of you for once.
Not make you the star of every scenario for once.

Can I think about something else while you’re sitting right there at the corner of my brain watching me fail?
Laugh and show off those dimpled cheeks that always seem to keep me off trail.

And i’ve always fell for those innocent faces with those devious souls.
That always seem to steal what beats within me and leave me with empty holes.

I cant seem to remember what it felt like when you didn’t occupy my thoughts.
What did I used to think about?

Then I remembered.
I had some one else back then occupying my thoughts ..
Should I start looking for some one else?
Or do I keep walking blindly stumbling upon perfectly imperfect weapons that fit my hand perfectly.
Aim it at whatever still beats and make new holes again.

Have some one else occupy my thoughts ..
Could that be the answer of getting you out of my head for good ?

Who am I kidding, asking all these questions when I know damn well you wont be reading this.
Not unless I told you the way you make me tremble when I see your face.
The day I can actually remember how to speak in your presence.