Lets Play Pretend

Lets pretend my knees don’t fall weak when I’m in front of you.
And lets pretend that I haven’t fallen 20 times in my head.

Lets pretend that I haven’t memorized every color thats in your eyes.
And lets pretend that every time I close my eyes, I don’t find them staring back at mine.

Lets pretend that you meant every word you said, when you said you loved me.
And lets pretend I believed you.

Lets pretend that I don’t create different scenarios in my head before I sleep.
And lets pretend you’re not in every one of them.

Lets pretend I find comfort in this empty room full of shadows.
And lets pretend I haven’t named every one of them.

Lets pretend that this cigarette I’m holding makes me feel calm.
And lets pretend I’m not slowly killing myself.

Lets pretend that the friends we have are the ones that will last.
And lets pretend they’re not stabbing us.

Cause after all, all we do is play pretend.



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