Broken Hearted

We hear it in the quite songs.
We hear it in the uneven breaths.
The sound of a heart breaking.

I can see it in her eyes,
her broken words,
unspoken but its there.
She needs those arms,
the arms of protection,
the arms of safety to hold her and comfort her.

She looks but can’t see a thing from the tears that fill her eyes.
Her eyesight so blurry that she keeps falling down.
Wishing those hands,
those warm soft hands would reach down on her to pick her up.

She knows she can stand again.
She knows she can lift her head up high but needs that certain pull to the right path.
Not the devils pull but an angel’s.
To regain the strength to walk on this road full of shattered glass and grenades that go off every minute.

She’ll get blisters on her feet but she knows its all worth it in the end.
She knows nothing comes easy
cause its “easy come easy go”,
But what she doesn’t know is that her hero is caged inside of her.
Right next to her broken heart.
She doesn’t know how to let it out cause she doesn’t believe in it.
The pain she feels is greater than that corner of strength,
It casted its shadows upon it.

I just hope some one shows her how to release that hero before she releases the wrong corner,
her inner demon.


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